Polish American Congress
Washington Metropolitan Area Division


"Secure Travel and Counterterrorism
Partnership Program Act of 2011"
Seeks to Expand Visa Waiver Program

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish American Congress:

Sympathetic Members of the U.S. Congress in March introduced legislation in both chambers of Congress to revise requirements for the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). PAC President Spula and Executive Committee members recently spent two days in Washington meeting with Members of Congress and Administration officials, seeking their active support for bringing Poland into the VWP.

Now we need to do our part to encourage our representatives in both Houses to join in co-sponsoring this legislation and supporting it with their colleagues. A massive and loud appeal is needed to convince them our votes are at stake.

Hereís the situation with regard to our representatives from Maryland and Virginia:

Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski took the lead in introducing S. 497 "Secure Travel and Counterterrorism Partnership Program Act of 2011." Please send her a note of appreciation. We need to recognize when our representatives do something we want, not only complain when we donít like what they did.

None of the Senators and Representatives from Maryland or Virginia is on the committees of jurisdiction. Each of them, however, can become a co-sponsor and support the legislation with their colleagues.

Please take the time to request your U.S. Senator and Representative to support this legislation. Be sure they know that you are a voting constituent, since they pay attention only to their own constituents. You can do so by calling their office, sending them a fax, or perhaps easiest, using the contact form on their own websites.

Sample messages: You may want to phrase your message along the following lines, revising to reflect your sentiment, if you like: Letter to a Senator; Letter to a Representative

Contact Information for MD & VA Senators and Representatives

If you have questions or need assistance with this appeal, contact PAC-WMAD Vice Presidents Ted Mirecki (for Virginia) ted@mirecki.us and Andrzej Drozd (for Maryland) drozd15@comcast.net

Dr. Susanne S. Lotarski, President
Washington Metropolitan Area Division
Polish American Congress